JustHost: A Transparent Review & Customer Testimonials


I’ve been JustHost customer since 2010, so this makes me the most reliable customer to share information and testimonials on this brand and its services. I know that now you can find on internet a lot of testimonials some of them positive, some negative, but you have to have in mind the competition that JustHost is running on the internet market.

So now I will try to make JustHost much closer to you. How I will do that? I will share some testimonials of a user’s that already try it JustHost, so let’s see what they are going to say about this hosting.

Rosen Chack

-25 years old girl who studied web design in UK, she starter to use JustHost for her new website and this is what she said:

“To a simple writer like me, all I needed in a hosting company was a friend to explain all the technicalities of the internet to me and that why I moved from Ipage to JustHost. Ipage provided me a great support, but they just didn’t understand my problems. They provided me with amazing features coupled with a great uptime and an affordable hosting price, but to enjoy JustHost. Try JustHost today and say goodbye to all your hosting worries”.

Jane Bernard

-31 years, family guy whit one kid and woman, he owns small business for pans and pots so he made his own website and then he needed a hosting here is his experience:

“JustHost Rocks. That what I would like to say. I am a rookie when it comes to web design and domains and staff like that. So I wanted to start hosting my own website, but I didn’t know anything about that. Then I decided to start exploring and I find it JustHost, I wrote to their customer support on online chat. It was amazing how fast they did answer to me, obviously to all my stupid and silly questions, but they were so patient and explain to me every single thing that I should know before I started to host my site”.

Annet Giuro

-35 woman with two kids, has her own website for fashion and here is what she want to explain for JustHost:

“JustHost is a really good hosting. My account was set up quickly and without much issues. Their uptime is great and when I have some questions their staff answer me quickly and properly. I think that JustHost is suitable for anyone who needs a hosting that is reliable and helpful. I have recommended this company to many my friends to try this hosting and to see if I am right whit this”.

Simon Angolez

-24 years old guy, he has a website for a sport tips and he uses JustHost form the begging. Let’s see what he wants to say about this hosting:

“JustHost is a good host for starting a website. If you want a have a website with traffic spikes, this may not be the best choice for you. I have had some trouble at the beginning but now it’s all right. Their features are pretty fast. I asked them a questions and they responded me pretty quickly. They have too many ads for upgrades and other services, also their prices are too cheap. This hosting is very good small business and websites with steady traffic.

 If you want to see all JustHost features you can visit this link and convince your self why they are between 4 best hosting companies.



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