Designing a Website using Hostinger Website builder

making site using hostinger website builder

Purchasing a domain and web hosting plan is not the end task in making your site live. But in reality, it is just the first step and there are a lot of successive actions that you need to take. It requires a lot of effort for building a website. If you are good at coding, then you can code your website. In case, you don’t know to code, then there you can use website builders like WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.

If you have bought a hosting plan of Hostinger, then you can also use the Hostinger website builder. Below, you can get to know about this builder in brief.

What is Hostinger Website Builder?

Hostinger is a very big brand of the web hosting field and has many attractive hosting plans. For the convenience of its users, it also supplies a platform for building websites. This platform is called the Hostinger Website Builder or the Zyro Builder. It is nice and easy to use the platform and you can create a site even if you don’t know coding. This platform allows you to create sites by simply dragging and dropping items.

So, if you are holding a Hostinger Hosting Plan, then you can use the Zyro Builder for building your site. Below, you can get to know that how can you build a site using this builder. So, check out the latter sections too.

The necessary things that you require for building a site

Before starting building your site at the Zyro Website Builder, there are a lot of things that you should look for. So, check out those essential things below:

  • A working domain: For reaching the Zyro builder, the first step is to have a working domain name. You cannot use Zyro, without a domain name. You have to first link your domain name with Hostinger, only after that, you can access its builder. The domain you are linking should also have a secured TLD, otherwise, it will not get linked.
  • An active Hosting plan: It is obvious that for using the Hostinger website builder, you need to have an active Hostinger Hosting Plan. Only after that, you can use Zyro. However, you cannot use it with the WordPress Hosting plan of Hostinger. The reason to this is that under WordPress Hosting only WordPress sites can be hosted on a server.
  • Setting up the Zyro: After linking the domain name and hosting plan, you can access Zyro. So, after reaching Zyro, the first thing you should do is to set all the available tools. You are also suggested to import themes and plug-ins of your choice to the builder so that you can use it.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Always make sure before building your website that whether the theme you have selected inaccessible in phone or not. You can check it by using the available phone preview option.

So, these are the things that you should be aware of if you want to build a genuine website.

Making a site by using the Zyro Website Builder

Zyro is a very simple and easy to use platform which enables you to build websites by dragging and dropping. It provides a very good user interface and is also easy to understand. You can find the Hostinger Site Builder by simply visiting your control panel.

If you have reached the website builder, then now you can start building the site by following these steps:

Page Layout and Design

The very first step is to select the layout of your website. It is very important as it is the initial look of your website. You can find hundreds of free website themes for your site on Zyro Site Builder. You can also choose from various categories like online store, blogging, educational, consultancy, etc. In case you want a particular theme, then you can also import that theme to the site builder.

Using the available tools

Once you have selected the theme, you can start customizing your site. For editing the site, there are a lot of tools that you need. At the top navigation bar of your control panel, you can find these tools. Now, we will discuss about these tools and will know how they are important for us.

  1. Publish: It is drop-box option and contains a publishing and saving option. If you want to publish your site then click on the publishing option. However, if you want to only save your work and don’t want to publish then click on save.
  2. Preview: This tool is used for previewing your site. You can preview the site as according to mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  3. New/Reset: This option is used for creating or resetting a web page. If you want a new web page then click on new. Although, if you want to reset the existing page then click on reset.
  4. Page Responsiveness: You can adjust the responsiveness of the panel as according to the device. If you are using through phone then set the responsive as phone and vice versa for other devices.
  5. Text and Media: From here all the secondary tools begin. By using the text tools you can customize the style, color, and face of your text. And by using the media option, you can insert pictures, videos, maps, and also YouTube media. You can also customize them.
  6. Styles: With this option, you can change the style of the web page. This option enables you to change the background of the page and edit any particular section.
  7. Shapes: If you want to add any shape or table to your site, then this option can be used. By using this option, you can create shapes and images to any particular page for providing an amazing look.
  8. Languages: This option enables you to set the language for your web page. You can choose any language from all the mentioned languages.
  9. Social Media: If you are making a website then connecting it to social media is not a bad option. You can do so, by this option. This option enables you to integrate your social media account to your site.
  10. Blocks: Further you can find the tools for creating a block, buttons, etc. You can not only create these but can also customize them.
  11. SEO Factors: SEO has become an integral part of web building and you should make your site according to it. Your site will only rank in Google when it optimized according to SEO. And for this, you can find SEO tools like meta titles, descriptions, permalinks, etc. You can use these tools for making your site rank.

So, these are the major tools that you can get with the Hostinger Website Builder. You can use these tools for designing and building your site.

Is making a site with Website Builder of Hostinger a good option?

As it is clear from above that Hostinger provides us access to Zyro Site Builder for building sites. And Zyro is not a very good platform for building sites. Zyro has only limited access to media and you can not use advanced media tools. Additionally, it might take too long for solving your query as its customer support is not that much good.

So, if you want to make a professional site then it is recommended to use other platforms like WordPress.

However, if you are a beginner or want to make a demo site, then you can stick to Zyro.

Designing a Website using Hostinger Website builder
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