Hostinger hosting Review – Cheap hosting- Why this is best for your site?

hostinger hosting review why it is best

Web hosting is a key factor for creating a successful site, this is very important for you to choose the best web hosting to improve your site SEO performance and to increase its sale. In today time, many sites that provide web hosting services. It is very common to get confused about which one you should choose? And who is the best?  Today you are lucky I will help you out And I will give you the reasons why you should go for Hostinger.

Why is Hostinger best for your Site?

This is just a matter of time or years that Hostinger has gained that much momentum, trust, faith, and respect among its customers. Hostinger is known as the best website hosting company that is using by over 29 million people. This is just because of its cheap plans and expensive service, Hostinger has a simple idea or motto to let you create a website for free, with no-limits PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel. Hostinger has a stable, secured, and optimized WordPress hosting environment that you need in to create modern websites. You do not need to be a professional developer to create a site its user-friendly C-panel will help you out, and Hostinger publicly discusses its server status.

More features which are fascinating –

  • Optimized for WordPress
  • 99 % uptime with strong servers around the world
  • Handle traffic spike with no issue, and easily manage cache
  • SSD drivers for extreme speed
  • 30-day money back guarantee, If you are not satisfied with the service
  • 24/7 knowledgeable customer support
  • Built-in reports from Google analytics to get to know customer interest
  • The Most advanced and latest feature update every time

PRICING of Hostinger

  • Shared web hosting
    1. Single at 0.99$
    2. Premium at 2.59$
  • Business at 3.99$
  • Cloud Hosting plans
  1. Startup at 9.99$
  2. Professional at 18.99$
  • Global at 56.99$
  • Window VPS Hosting plans
  1. Window 1 at 26.00$
  2. Window 2 at 00$
  • Window 3 at 120.00$

Also you can buy Hostinger services during Black Friday Web Hosting Deals to get amazing discounts. This deals will let you save your most of money on purchasing this web hosting services.

Hostinger has recently launched its own advanced website builder Zyro loaded with advanced features which is very easy to use and beginner user friendly. You can build a website without much knowledge of Website design. Zyro got everything covered for you, you can create an amazing website in a minute with the help of Zyro this is the easiest way to build a website. If we talk about its features-

  1. The Designer made –templates
  2. Drag and drop editor lets you do style everything to your link
  3. Pixel- perfection
  4. Quick content – AI writer tool quickly generates SEO-friendly text
  5. Powerful marketing tools especially for an ecommerce site
  6. Responsive Website – your website will response perfectly on every device
  7. Tight security – Zyro every website is protected by free SSL certificate

Is Hostinger best for WordPress?

As I mentioned above Hostinger is already optimized for WordPress, continuously improving uptime, pre-installed cache plugins make it best for WordPress hosting.

  • The Enhanced security system of Hostinger monitors every single WordPress website for malware and virus or any – other major threat. Hostinger does everything to make your website more secure.
  • Hostinger uses a Lite-speed server means the fastest web server in the world, especially for WordPress. Lite Speed comes with LS Cache Plugin, Which optimizes your site to run at peak speed. Even millisecond matter in this competitive world
  • Developer friendly WordPress Hosting gives power to the developer has seamless management experience.

There are more advanced features who define that Hostinger loves WordPress-

  1. Jetpack plugin – This is the most developed plugin that has been ever developed by WordPress, it will help you to easily design optimize, and scale your website in No-time.
  2. In just a click you can install a WordPress on your hosting account; Hostinger makes some specific optimizations, to ensure maximum performance of your website.
  3. Hostinger always uses SSD to store your website files and data. So your site don’t load much and run faster than your competitor
  4. You can easily move your WordPress Website from another host to your Hostinger account with the help of an easy-to-use migration tool
  5. Automatic updates to your site when there are any security update for your WordPress, Hostinger easily install them without taking your time and make you sure that you are up-to-date
  6. Automated daily Backup – Backups of all your Website’s file and data are created automatically and safe here, you will never lose them

Choose your WordPress Hosting plan today which started with-

  • Single WordPress at just 1.99$
  • WordPress starter for a   personal website at just 2.99$
  • Business WordPress for small and medium business houses at 7.99 $
  • WordPress pro Advanced solution for revenue-generating business at 99$


Overall, from my own experience, Hostinger will never let you down this is one of the best Hosting and best for Beginners and experienced WordPress developers. It increases the reaction time of your site and make it fast even your heavy-traffic site and do not piss off user Hostinger saves your milli-second of your user do not take time to load the page. Its best customer support and 8 + located offices on different continents provide you the best speed and resolve your every query if you have any.

Hostinger hosting Review – Cheap hosting- Why this is best for your site?

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