Hostinger Vs BigRock 2021: Which One Better for You


Hostinger Vs BigRock 2022

Are you looking for the best hosting company provider? If you are still confused about choosing the best hosting company among so many options then this article is good for you. Here we going to talk about the 2 of the best hosting company in around the world that offer the most affordable hosting plan along with the best features. Hostinger vs BigRock is two of the hosting about which we talk in this post.  Here Hostinger VS BigRock review will solve your problem of choosing the best one from both of these.  In this review, you will get to know about the features, plans, pricing, and customer support, and many more factors that help you to select the best hosting.

This both the hosting company has so many customers but, presently most of the people are choosing Hostinger over the BigRock. In this relevant post, you will simply get to know which hosting company is best for you Hostinger or BigRock.

Major Differences between Hostinger and BigRock 2022, which one is better?

Here is a brief explanation of both of the hosting companies which creates some major differences in both of them. As we know that Hostinger or BigRock is a good option for choosing a hosting plan but there are some important comparisons in both of them which you should have to know before buying any kind of hosting plan.

  • Overview: Hostinger is one of the top leading hosting providers in the world that has more than 29 million users and it stands with 8 data centers. The company is established in 2004 and it provides the most reliable and affordable hosting plan to every customer. On the other hand, BigRock is also a leading hosting provider and it has over 10 years of experience in providing the best hosting solution to every client. BigRock has mainly offered to host solutions to over 6 million customers.
  • Feature highlights: Each and every web hosting company provide the best features along with its plans to attract new customers. And when we talk about the features which provide both the Hostinger and BigRock is clearly best for your website. This both the hosting companies are providing the best features and there such similarities in both of the features. So in this, we can say that there is no difference and it’s a tie in both of the hosting companies.
  • Hosting plans: Hostinger and BigRock both have millions of customers and this customer will always buy so many kinds of hosting plans and you can choose it as according to you. so here are the plans which Hostinger does provide you:
  • Single web hosting plan and price starting of this plan @ RS: 45/month.
  • Premium web hosting plan and price starting of this plan @ RS: 119/month
  • Business web hosting plan and price starting of this plan @ RS: 189/month.
  • Hostinger WordPress Hosting and starting price of this plan @ RS: 119/month

Plans which BigRock hosting does provide you:

  1. Linux hosting the starting price of Linux hosting @ RS: 99/month
  2. Windows Hosting the starting price of Windows hosting @ RS: 59/ month.
  3. WordPress Hosting plan and starting price of this hosting plan @ RS: 199/month.
  • Performance:  If we talk about the performance of this both the hosting company they it is really close to each other which means there is no more differences on the basis of performance in Hostinger or BigRock. Hostinger does offer an uptime speed of 99.99% and on the other hand, BigRock also offers an uptime speed of 99.9%.
  • Pricing: The most important factor is pricing whenever we going to buy any kind of hosting plan the price is the first thing that always has in mind of every customer. So it is good for you because Hostinger is the cheapest hosting provider over the BigRock, you can start your plan with Hostinger in just RS: 45/month, whereas the price of BigRock is a little higher than Hostinger, you can start your plan with BigRock @ RS: 99/month. So if you are looking for buying any kind of hosting plan at cheap rates then choosing a hosting plan from Hostinger is really good and affordable for you.
  • Customer support: Both the hosting companies are best in providing customer care support to every customer but right now Hostinger is much powerful in this because it provides support mainly in 20 languages whereas BigRock provides support in just 2 languages. That’s why Hostinger is much powerful in this.

Choosing which one hosting company is right for you? Hostinger OR BigRock?

With the above discussion about Hostinger or BigRock we actually think that you will get to know which one hosting company is really good for you for choosing the right hosting plans. According to us choosing Hostinger hosting plan is a good option for you because it offers the most affordable price for buying any kind of hosting plan and if you are a beginner then you should go with Hostinger. Most of the people choose Hostinger because Hostinger is more trustable and it has more active customers as compare to BigRock. So we can easily say that Hostinger is the better option for you as compare to BigRock and buying any kind of Hosting plan from Hostinger is always the right decision for you.

Hostinger Vs BigRock 2021: Which One Better for You
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