Hostinger VS Bluehost 2021: Getting the Best Web Hosting


Hostinger VS Bluehost: Which Is Affordable For You

If you are struggling to choose the best web hosting provider in between Hostinger and Bluehost. This article will finish your struggle. The need for hosting service is very essential for any website holder. And if you are a beginner or as a pro we know you always want to be the most reliable and affordable hosting plan.  So if you are looking for the most affordable hosting plans then choosing both the Hostinger and Bluehost is right for you. This both the hosting companies provide the best plans and features which increase the performance of your website quickly and make it more reliable.

Some people always confuse about choosing the right hosting plan from Hostinger or Bluehost, they have several questions about that but if you properly read this article you will get to know the major difference between Hostinger vs Bluehost 2022. This both the hosting companies are best but there are some differences in both of these which you should have to know before buying any kind of service from them.

How Are Hostinger and Bluehost Hosting Comparatively Different From Each Other?

Both the hosting companies are best in providing affordable hosting plans but there are some differences in both of these which shows why people choose Hostinger more than Bluehost. Here are the differences which finish any of your confusion about choosing the best hosting plan from these hosting companies.

  1. Plans & Pricing: Basically hosting provides three different kinds of plans which is single hosting, premium, and business, the price of these 3 plans is very affordable for you which is single hosting @ $0.99/m, price of premium hosting @ $2.89/m, and the price of Business plan @ $3.99/m. Whereas Bluehost provides four kinds of basic hosting plans which is Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. The price of all these plans is comparatively higher than the price of Hostinger plans. Price of Basic plan @ $3.95/m, the price of Plus plan @ $5.85/m, the price of Plus plan @ $5.85/m, price of Choice plus @ $5.95/m, and the price of Pro plan @ $9.95/m. So it clearly says that Hostinger offers the most affordable price to buy any kind of hosting plan.
  2. Features: When we talk about the features both the hosting companies are best in providing key features along with their plans, but most of the people choose Hostinger because it offers more features for less money. Hostinger does also provide cloud hosting rather Bluehost doesn’t provide this. All the plans of Hostinger come with unlimited email addresses whereas Bluehost doesn’t provide this. Hence Hostinger is best in providing more features in less money.
  3. Performance: If we compare both the hosting plan on the basis of performance then Hostinger is the winner in this because it is more reliable and faster than Bluehost. Hostinger offers an uptime speed of 99.9% while Bluehost offers none.
  4. Customer support: Customer support is the most important thing which you always require from the company and in this Bluehost is best in providing customer support. It provides live chat support, phone call, and email support at 24/7 whereas Hostinger is not so good in customer support. So if you want immediate help from customer care then choosing to host from Bluehost is the right choice for you.
  5. Security: Security is an important part of a website and every website holder wants to have an advanced level of security in their website.  This both the hosting provider does provide the free SSL certificates but right now Hostinger is best and faster in providing the best level of security to your website.

Hostinger or Bluehost- Which one should you choose?

With the above discussion and considering other discussions available on the internet on hot debate Hostinger Vs Bluehost, we can say that Bluehost offers a higher price of hosting whereas Hostinger offers the most affordable price to buy any kind of host plant. Hostinger is best because it provides more features to you in less money and it is best in more security, better customer support, reliability, faster and it all shows that Hostinger is a winner over the Bluehost. So if you ever looking for buying the best kind of hosting plan at affordable prices then choosing the Hosting plan from Hostinger is a better option for you.

Hostinger VS Bluehost 2021: Getting the Best Web Hosting
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