Hostinger Vs. GreenGeeks – Comparison which is better

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Hosting is an integral part of running a website successfully. And for experiencing good hosting, you need to associate with a good hosting platform. Hostinger and GreenGeeks are among the top hosting platforms on which on can rely. But at a single point of time, you can only associate with only one platform. So, finding the best out of these two is really important.

So, here we are going to do a brief comparison of Hostinger and GreenGeeks. We will also know about the plans, pricing, and features that these platforms provide.

A brief overview

Both Hostinger and GreenGeeks are very big platforms and before comparing them, you must know about their basics. So here, you can gain some basic knowledge about these platforms.


Hostinger is serving in this industry since 2004 and is based at Brazil. This is a very trusted brand and is used by over 29 million users. It has existence in almost 178 countries and it is assumed that every day almost 15k new users get associated with it. It provides a very good user interface and also lets you build sites for free.


On the other side, GreenGeeks is a California based platforms and claims to be environment friendly. That doesn’t mean that it’s servers do not emit carbon, they do. But it has tie-ups with BEF that spreads 3 times more greenery which it’s servers emits. It is serving in this field for more than 12 years and has hosted 500K+ websites till now.

So, these were the basic things that you should know about these platforms. Beneath the prices, plans and features of these plans are compared.

Comparison of Hostinger and GreenGeeks

Doing a comparison of Hostinger and GreenGeeks is not an easy task but we have done this for you. Below have compared these two plans on the basis of various aspects without any biasedness. So, the comparison is as follows:

Kinds of plans offered

Both of these platforms have a great range of plans and allows you to select any of them without any restrictions.

Hostinger deals in many kind of hosting types. The major out of them are shared hosting(with managed WordPress), cloud hosting, email hosting, and WordPress hosting. Moreover, all of these plans have some sub plans, varying according to some features. So, these are the major Hostinger Hosting Plans.

On the other hand, the main hosting types in which GreenGeeks deals are shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Reseller hosting. These plans are further divided according to the features. So, these are the major GreenGeeks Plans that you can find on GreenGeeks.

So, from this, it is clear that Hostinger doesn’t provide VPS hosting and Reseller hosting. Whereas you cannot find Cloud hosting on GreenGeeks.

Pricing of the plans

Hostinger is the only platform with which you can start hosting your site with spending less than a dollar. With the basic Hostinger Shared Hosting Plan, you can host your site at just $0.99/month. If you want to opt for the basic Cloud hosting plan, then you have to spend $9.99/month. Whereas for the Email hosting and WordPress hosting you will have to spend $0.99/month and $1.99/month respectively.

If you are searching for a GreenGeeks web hosting plan, then you need at least $2.95 dollars. It’s both a basic shared hosting plan and WordPress hosting costs this much. However, you have to spend a huge $39.95/month, if you are looking towards the GreenGeeks VPS hosting plan. If you are looking forward towards earning money through GreenGeeks Reseller hosting, then you have to spend $19.95/month. Also you can get amazing discount on these hosting platforms Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Domains and Website Staging

You are not supplied with any of the free domain and also you can host only one site, if you opt for basic Hostinger shared hosting. Its Email hosting and WordPress hosting also doesn’t provide a free domain. But if you want a free domain then you can choose its Cloud hosting. Additionally, this plan also allows you to host unlimited sites.

On the flip side, the GreenGeeks basic hosting plan provides a free domain along with the staging of 1 website. You can enjoy these benefits with its all hosting plans.

SSL Certification

SSL certification has become an important part of making a website. It is seen as a symbol of trust as it ensures that a site is safe or not. With GreenGeeks, you can find the SSL certificate for your site with all of its plans. And the same is with Hostinger. Hostinger also provides a free SSL certificate with its all plans.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

With Hostinger’s basic plan, you can get up to 10GB Web Space along with 100GB Bandwidth. Its Cloud hosting plan provides 100GB SSD and unlimited Bandwidth. Its basic Email hosting plan provides 10GB Email Storage. And its WordPress Hosting provides 10GB web space plus 100GB Bandwidth.

And with GreenGeeks, you can get unlimited webspace along with unlimited Bandwidth for its all plans.

Email Accounts

It is another thing that you can find on the GreenGeeks at unlimited quantity. GreenGeeks allows you to create unlimited email accounts with its all hosting plans.

But in the case of Hostinger, there are some restrictions. You are supplied only 1 email account if you opt for a basic shared hosting plan and WordPress hosting. 50 email accounts are allowed in case of Email Hosting and unlimited accounts if you choose cloud hosting.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both the platforms want to win the trust of their users and due to this both provide cashback guarantees. If you didn’t like the services of these platforms, then you can get your money back within 30 days. This feature allows users to show some trust on these platforms.

Customer Support

If you are having any problem in using these platforms or have any query, then you can contact them anytime. You can contact Hostinger through email support, live chats, and tickets all over the day.

And if you want to reach GreenGeeks Customer Support, then you can do so by email, phone, and live chats.

Both of these supports are available 24X7 every day.

Deals provided

Apart from features and pricing, another important factor is the discounts that a platform provides. And you might get pleased after knowing that both of these platforms provide great deals to its users.

With Hostinger, you can currently get up to 91% off by using the Hostinger Coupon Codes. Whereas by using the GreenGeeks Discount Codes, you can get up to 90% price cuts on the various plans of it.

So, these are the main features on the basis of which we have compared Hostinger vs GreenGeeks. And below you can get to know about the winner of this battle.

Which platform is superior- The final call

It is really hard to choose anyone out of these two as both of these are very well-known brands. However, if we have to choose one then it would be undoubtedly Hostinger. The reason to choose Hostinger is very simple because performance-wise it is better than GreenGeeks. It has a user performance score of 100% as compared to 97% of GreenGeeks.

Secondly, it is also very cheap as compared to GreenGeeks. One can defend this point by saying that GreenGeeks provides many unlimited items. But, if observed properly then you can find that most of GreenGeek’s unlimited items are not too much relevant for hosting a site. Whereas Hostinger provides items relevant for hosting a site and charges very low for them.

So, the winner of this amazing rivalry is Hostinger.

Hostinger Vs. GreenGeeks – Comparison which is better

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