How to Design a website in 6 steps by using Hostinger web hosting?

step by step guide to design a website

It is every human’s dream to create a website that solves every user’s query and top on Google. Web designing is an art that helps users to understand your site purpose and define your website visually. That also matters to create a website which is user friendly and information should be easy to find.

In the older time creating a website was hard because of the coding language. Now at this time, you don’t need to be familiar with all these languages to create a website. Thanks to WordPress or to the other platforms. Choosing the best Hosting service is also an important factor.

So today we are going to discuss How you can create a website on Hostinger in Just six steps

  • Find a genuine web host
  • Tools to make your website more realistic
  • Select your website platform
  • Create a mobile-friendly site
  • Website fonts and colors
  • Create a model of your web design

Steps To Design Website

If you are creating a website for the first time don’t worry you would do good by following these steps-

1.    Find a better web host

This is very important to have better website hosting in order to create a fast website. Every Hosting service provider provides the same plan but there is a difference in their service. What you need to keep in my mind is –

  • Customer reviews how are they doing on the other site
  • Top customer service
  • More advanced features like automated backup
  • Support your Website platform

And the big news for you is that Hostinger has great customer reviews and advanced customer support staff.

2.    Tools to make your website more realistic

After that, you need tools and themes to create your website with more amazing Themes to make your website attractive and eye-catching. You will receive good customer reviews and users will come back to your site again. These tools help you to design a stylish website. Beaver Builder drag and drop feature is very common and useful in order to edit your website.

3.     Select your website Platform

Once you are done with your website host, now it time to choose a better platform to create your website. In other words, you aim for the best in the market. They take care of your site every part such as the domain and technical part.  Hostinger is a very good option if you want to make a good and quality website and increase uptime. Very affordable in a great price range, and maximize your skill level.

4.    Create a mobile friendly site

In order to gain more traffic, you should build your website mobile friendly too.  Mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. So you should build a design which looks good on a smaller resolution too. If somehow your website crashes then it will automatically increase the bounce rate and the ranking of your site decreases. The good news for you is this Hostinger worldwide server works 24*7 and be working every time.

5.    Website Fonts and colors

Website font style and design

Just like themes, colors make your site more attractive and leave a big impact on your user’s mind. Website font’s size and style define your website intentions. This is a proven fact that color plays a psychological game on users’ minds. And the color theory is very popular among the big giant website houses because they are already aware of the color importance. You can fill color in-

  • Logo
  • Your website tabs
  • Subheadings
  • Main headings
  • Important information

This same goes with fonts you should keep your website main heading in Bolt and italic. But you should build a font which is readable, and visible. Hostinger color themes and font sizes are much greater and are available in real quality.

6.    Create a model of your website

Once you are done with the blueprints of your website, now it time to launch it on a digital platform. It is just like a trial version of your website or how it will look after the final step. You can make the changes in colors and fonts if you don’t like them. Correct your error launching your brand new website. Your website model won’t look like a finished website; it depends on you how fast you finish the work. Hostinger simple easy steps help you to create your website faster.


As I have you mentioned the 6 easy steps and the reason why Hostinger is the best option if you are a beginner. If you choose Hostinger-

  • People will pay more attention to your site because Hostinger knows how to increase the traffic
  • With the help of Hostinger, you get access of the best website friendly tools
  • Hostinger will keep you in touch with every customer. Your site uptime will increase

Fast and secure web hosting is a motto of Hostinger Zyro is a newly launched feature of Hostinger which will create your site in a more easy way.

How to Design a website in 6 steps by using Hostinger web hosting?
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