What are the benefits of Hostinger and Google Cloud Partnership

benefites of hostinger and google cloud platform

Recently, Hostinger has announced that Hostinger has entered into a partnership with Google cloud for better performance and to increase the potential of their existing cloud hosting plans. Hostinger has also stated that features of hosting sites like dedicated IP addresses, free domain, and SSL will be now more prosper and useful. This partnership brings the advancement to Hostinger infrastructure, most importantly to cloud hosting plans.

Overview of Google cloud service?

Google cloud is a set of physical assets like – computers, hard disk drives, and virtual machines that are stored in Google data centers around the Globe. Each data center is made or distributed in different regions according to the need of the different Continents. These data centers are located in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. These distributed resources have several benefits like – reduce the dependency from the user nearly located server, in case if user nearly located server goes down other servers will help him out and your site still be working. When you develop a site or application on Google cloud, then you provide every hardware or infrastructure support to your site with strong networks.

Google cloud has advanced features if you do not want to attach or connect your computer to a computer in a different region because of the delay in-network or increasing in response time of your site. The Disk can only be attached to computers in the same different zones.

Features of Global Cloud

  • Global vast cloud service is present in 35 countries Worldwide. From this vast network, you get high bandwidth performance so you can deliver every service to your user
  • Fast global network your site will get the same network power as same as Google, Gmail and YouTube get.
  • Designed for High – Availability provides you the maximum power of the internet and give your site high Up-time so your site doesn’t lose the network

How this partnership is going to help us?

Here are the Top 5 benefits of Hostinger and Google Cloud Partnership

  1. Increased strength and speed – your online project now will boost in the field of speed and storage department 16 Gb of ram, up to 8 CPU cores plan and up to 200GB disk storage will boost the full potential of your site
  2. Hostinger has already called its decision has taken in favor of its customers to increase a user site performance and enhance their site. Google cloud platform is safer in term of security, The Google confirms speed and better SEO result
  3. Hostinger will introduce Google cloud in 20 different location in upcoming days to create a better and secure environment
  4. Website hosted on the Google cloud platform is much better in term of data recovery or data backup
  5. The Google cloud platform provides better infrastructure and ideal Framework for stable and long-lasting growth, as all the Google platform is cloud-based if anything happens to your website a virtual machine will be activated and your site still be in working

Why Hostinger decided to collaborate with Google?

As we know Google has now dominated the world in the field of Internet and Hostinger knows that the power of Google and the potential of Hostinger will make them superior in the world of Cloud Hosting Service, and this is why Hostinger decided to do a partnership with Google. Hostinger knows that Google Cloud is truly dedicated to Cloud Computing and cloud hosting is a smart choice for business or e-commerce sites.

Google Cloud Hosting has made in that way only to handle High-traffic sites you don’t get a friendly feature like website transfer or you are looking to create a site just for Hobby with low traffics. GCB plans price depends on the feature you want.

Pricing overview

  • Google cloud has it base price is 300$ with a 12-month free trial, you will pay only for bandwidth resources your website actually used.
  • No termination fee if you stop taking services
  • Data storage – the amount of data you stored you only pay for this, data storage prices are different in respective countries
  • Operation usage- the performance or action you take in cloud storage such as listing the object in your cloud storage

Cancellation and refund

Firstly, you need to delete your projects and second, you have to shut down our billing account in order to get your money back and make sure you back-up your data

A final thought on their Collaboration

As customers this partnership is going to give us more power and a better experience of cloud hosting service, you don’t need to pay the different costs on different servers like Hostinger and Google Cloud base. If you have Hostinger hosting service you can have easy access to the GCB great and advanced technology loaded features. Google cloud continually improving and evolving its service so you can the service you need.

What are the benefits of Hostinger and Google Cloud Partnership
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